Monday, May 14, 2012

Children Book Review :: The Trouble with Mom

What a FUN story!! You know every MOM has a special type of Magic, especially when it comes to making sure our children are safe. This was a nice book teaching us it is OK to be different. Sometimes we are so concerned about our children being confident in their individuality that we need to remember it is OK for us to be different, too!

The Trouble with Mom
By Babette Cole

Just like my sons friends EACH of his friends parents are different from ME. Yup, we all jive in the same support and love for our children but that is about it. Dr.'s, special ed teachers, social workers, lawyers, music teachers, stay at home, jewelers, artists make our wonderful circle. I am sure there might just be a witch in the group (a very good witch!)

Enjoy the book and share with us your comment!

Keep turning those pages....
Happy Reading,

Product Description (from Amazon)

Mom, the lovable witch, does not seem to be able to get along with the other mothers due to her odd ways, such as driving her kids to school on her broom and wearing snakes in her hat, but in the end, she may be accepted when her special gifts come in handy. Reprint. SLJ. PW. "

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