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Call me crazy but I think everyone loves to get mail. Not email that clog our inbox but that birthday card, wedding announcement and thank you or just feel better note that makes you feel like someone cares about you.

Yes, the good old fashion snail mail. I love it and I hope you like my idea. Another thought from a day of wondering how to make reading more exciting.

Simply :: Share a book 

Let's take that "Hello, How are you?" note to the next level, as a nice reminder that someone is thinking about you. I came up with one silly notion to share the books I am reading with my family of readers. Silly, Crazy, loopy who cares! I hope it gets you turning pages and excited about reading.

                      Simply :: Share a book 

If you are part of this community and receive a book, read it, enjoy it and then share it!

Fill out the library card - let the next reader know your comments and add some postage for them to share with the next owner of the book.

Send me an email and I will add you to the list of readers. You never know what book you will receive and if you are lucky you might be a lucky reader with a special note from me.

I hope you enjoy the books and join our community at The Cubby Corner .

Keep turning those pages....
Happy Reading,

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